Talent Recruitment

Senior localization translator/editor (English and Japanese)

Basic requirements:

(1) Bachelor degree or above; without limitation on major; priority shall be given to science and engineering majors.
(2) CET-6 or above in English level; strong writing skills and excellent English comprehension ability; accuracy in grasping the meaning of the original.
(3) More than 3 years working experience in localization and familiarity with localization translation software.
(4) Able to complete tasks according to specified time and requirements with LISA quality standard.
(5) Excellent Chinese and English writing skills and ability to fluently express the information delivered by the author.
(6) Serious and responsible attitude for the work and able to work under pressure.
(7) Good sense of teamwork.

If you are interested in the job, please send your e-mail to hr@gllinking.com.cn